Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Eyes fixed on the point...
Jailbird Japanese Wettie and NightSnake=lethal
No sleep till... Williamsburg!!
Tracey Hulling
Wessen and Hilby special.
Carl told us never to go back here again.
Always love watching T!
Matt effortless....
 Stoner CP 650mm...hope to show footie soon.

It was good at 1st yesterday, SUPER GOOD...Shot some stills and some 16mm (which I hope to post soon). I swear there was one set that seemed to go on forever, wave after wave of "boo" goodness. It was just perfect. I spent the entire day there then hung out with some friends and had some cold brews at the pier watching the nice sets roll in. After nearly getting thrown out of the place thanks to a paranoid restaurant manager who was stressing Carl, we split and headed back to the sand where the sets continued to roll in, still super good. It was just perfect...even got to hang with that guy who played "Slade" on Baywatch for a bit.

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