Monday, April 12, 2010

Craft Service

Drove up to the Venturas to check out the Sacred Craft Expo...some snaps.
KP and Johnny 

Brian Hilbers/Fineline and Sam George discussing the nuances of the "MP" model.

Renny Yater the main man of the event.
Mr. Peck checking out one of the boards in the "masters shape off" contest.
The Master closely looking for the right feel and accuracy of the real thing...

Yater and Andreini matchin' up dims.
Checking out the Wayne Rich entry which won the shape off competition.

Also saw a surf mat George Greenough used to shred on back in the day... 

even had his name and address on it just in case.

Ian Zamora and Wayne Rowland doin' it at the Zamora booth.

Bruce Jones talkin' retro nose riders with Patchie and Gordo.

Scotty Anderson and Brian Hilbers, two fine gentlemen with mega surfboard design experience.  
Coming' to the point for sure this Summer...Alaia-esque, but with volume, channels and side bites, rocket fast Farberow/Anderson design collaboration.

closer look at the bottom configuration...
It's the thin board standing upright next to Josh Farebrow.

It was fun times..."surf nerd" heaven for certain. Respect for all shapers young and old for their craftsmanship, artistry and undying passion for surfboard building. 


pranaglider said...

Best pics of the event I've seen!

resintint said...

thnx man!