Wednesday, February 20, 2008

16mm film test

Pulled out my 16mm camera last summer and
shot a couple of test rolls at first point.
We did a one light minimal color correction telecine
on it and this is what we got. There is nothing
quiet like shooting with real film, just wish
it was more cost effective than shooting with
video. The footage is uncut & completely raw apart
from the Allman Bros. Melissa track and split screen.
There are some some familiar sliders ( and quiet a few falls & dug rails..).
A little sunshine and warm water for a gloomy and
rainy Southern California Wednesday.



Patch said...

FSACTO, the rawness works, I like it! Also, what a couple nice waves by Jesse.

R.T. said...

as is shown here, sometimes the look of a one-light transfer feels just right.

resintint said...

Thanks Patch and R.T., I hope to shoot more with that Beaulieu 16mm camera this year.

warm jet said...

There's just no beating the look of film.
It's really a shame it is soo costly.
And this clip was perfect.
Very good job.
And 'Melissa' just pulls the heart always.

MR said...

This is fucking great! I love watching Jesse surf.

resintint said...

Jesse is the man, Gamboa would paddle towing him out with Jesse holding his foot. Then they would just paddle into these waves, gliding with cheshires as big as football fields. Pure stoke.

Anonymous said...

that split screen really works for this film - good job

Yusuke Hanai said...

beautiful works. I love it. I like the allmanbrothersband song too.

Miles said...

gorgeous - just beautiful - all i can say is "more please"