Monday, February 25, 2008


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Met up with some friends at Mollusk last Saturday nite
to check out the Stoner Show. The place was packed
even for an on again off again rain soaked evening.
Stoner's photographs were even more amazing in
printed form. The area where they were displayed
was packed with admirers seemingly at all times
and it was difficult to snap pics in there, perhaps I'll shoot
some during the day for a later post. For now here are
some pics of the crowd.

At the risk of sounding cliche', there was a great vibe
in the air, a real "free and easy" affair (so 60's Venice right?).
There were smiles, laughter amidst inspired photographs
and art, beautiful surfboards, master shapers, hero surfers,
artists, fans of surf culture, even the guy (or girl) who burned you
at first point a few weeks back...
All in all, good times.


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Patch said...

Looks like a fine time!