Saturday, March 15, 2008

Planks & Jack

Been busy with an interim gig, but I managed
to skip out to meet with the legendary surf
flick master Jack McCoy and WOR Trace last week.
Jack was a true gentleman freely giving me tips and
advice on the plusses and minuses of some of
the new gear that's come out recently.
Super guy whom I look forward to working with soon.
I also noticed quiet a few Alaia sleds.



warm jet said...

Yup, planks galore! The week before I had the pleasure of riding behind the swallow tailed character a few times.
I did'nt mind as my session was waay over and actually had a great angle
of him riding the thing. It was super glassy and at one point he did this full railed (what else) bottom turn that was a beautiful thing. The water displacement from that turn basically got me barreled. I just happened to be with camera myself but fumbled the damn thing before getting a shot.
Seems to me the tendency for spinning around is a distraction and the trimming part and the speed is the glory hole. (just a finned opinion)
Next time, I'll be prepared.

clayfin said...

do you happen to know what type of wood is used on those planks? I'm guessing the paulonia would be too porous to just oil and ride.

resintint said...

Clayfin... Johnnie & Chad over at Mollusk are
saying pawlonia. Was in there today and and saw
a few in the shop, beautiful sledz.

seamouse said...

Yup Paulonia! Sealed with raw linsead oil. Just like a cricket bat!
beautiful glide, a nightmare to paddle!

Oceans Rising said...

I think I saw the guy from the first photo down south this past weekend at a perfect baja pointbreak ripping on his plank in a Brittany Quinn original loin cloth.

resintint said...

Yes it was MW.