Friday, August 15, 2008

Stashed Single Fins...

Saw OG Zephyr HO checking out the surf atop mythical Bicknell hill one morning and he told me about how back in the POP daze they would stash their surfboards underneath the bushes and low lying trees for weeks on end around the gazebo there. The boards were freely used by their crew and when they were done surfin' they would stash it underneath the trees again for whoever may need it. "No problems man there would always be a board or two that we could count on being there..." he said. 
Wow, must have been nice, can you imagine trying that today? 


wheaty said...

Thats a great tale.
Whatever happened to Nathan Pratts 'Horizons West?
Love your blog.
Mateo and Pablo

resintint said...

Thanks Mateo y Pablo...
Yeah, Jeff Ho has great stories.
Horizon's West is still there, dunno if Pratt still owns it I think he might have sold it.

Worm said...

Yeah i did. 'Pick It Up' was actually done by this band i'm in called GOGO13 (more two tone/ trad than that new ska/punk). This new season should be super sick with some really great guests and musical artist. I think we're also trying to work on a skinhead moonstomp sort of song.

ps. i get the feeling you're at malibu often yet i never see you.

Mr. Lentini said...

Jeff is a great guy, and bicknell hill has two wine bottled buried under the sidewalk from a friend and I after a great all night drink and hill bomb session back in 2001..Great portrait